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Happy Friday, everyone! If you haven’t noticed, we have been kinda MIA for the past few weeks. Don’t worry, we have tons of blog posts coming in the future! We have been so busy working on our camper, and we’re in the official moving out stage, so we really haven’t had time to write up our long blog posts.

Anyway, here is another Fair Trade Friday post! My mom wanted to model some of her Trades of Hope items, so she is going to be featured in this post! And yes, this is my real, biological mom..redhead and all! My dad is the dark one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย She and my dad came up from PA and helped us put in our floors, so my mom decided to have an online Facebook Trades of Hope party while she was with me! We went live in her party, it was a fun time! If you ever want to host one, let me know! When she saw this bag in the new fall items, she said she had just bought this sweater that matched it perfectly (even though it’s summer, haha).

The bag is made in India, and made of leather, meaning that it’s goat leather! Since they’re not into using cows for that purpose… so that’s cool that their culture is shown through this bag! It’s a big bag, and I absolutely love it! My mom isn’t a big purse person, so she gave it to me as an early Christmas present. I have used it a few times already, and it perfectly fits my camera, wallet, Bible, and more! I love how roomy and sturdy it is. I’m sure you will see it in more pics in the future!

She’s also wearing the Pure Love Bracelet, Halo Necklace, and the Grace Earrings. The Necklace and Bracelet were made out of clay and cereal beads by artisans in Haiti.ย Haiti had this centuryโ€™s worst natural disaster and is home to almost 500,000 orphans. The majority of the orphans have not been orphaned by parental deaths or natural disasters, but by parents who gave them up simply because they could not feed them. The group we work with is an “un-orphanage” and is helping with the orphan crisis by providing parents with sustainable business through creating products.

The earrings were made out of Gold-plated metal and local Capiz shells by artisans in the Philippines.ย A girl in the Philippines is discriminated against early in life due to culture and customary gender biases. Girls are usually allotted less food than their father and brothers despite their nutritional needs. When money is hard to come by boys are usually the ones who receive an education, while the girls do not attend school. They usually take on the submissive role and are abused. Fair Trade groups are making it possible for these women to develop skills and sell their products.

The Artisan group that creates these beautiful handmade products have been empowered to become self reliant and economically independent. These artisans were once working in the mainstream market and experienced unfair wages and exploitation, but through this group they are now paid a fair wage which is changing their lives. Through their work they can now pay for food, education and other expenses to make a better life for themselves and for their families. It is our hope that through the production of these products these Artisans will break free from poverty and continue to gain confidence and dignity by being a part of this group.

I just noticed that she’s also wearing the Freedom Necklace! That dainty little beauty closer to her neck. Look at her, being fashionable and stacking her jewelry! My mom has a passion for the women in the US that are involved in the sex trade, so this was her favorite piece of jewelry, as it was handcrafted by women who have gotten out and are now able to have honorable jobs making jewelry!

Out of the darkness and into the light, this necklace’s meaning is displayed with green, turquoise beads in an ombre pattern on this sterling silver chain.ย Within the United States, there are thousands of women trafficked into the sex industry. Some of these women are US residents and some come from countries far away. They get promised jobs as actresses and dancers, only to find out that they are trapped in a vicious cycle of sexual abuse. This group is changing the cycle and helping women find their freedom again! They facilitate restoration, healing, and changing lives. This program teaches these women life skills and gives them an opportunity to create beautiful products! They are dedicated to letting these women know that they are beautiful and cherished. These beautiful ladies no longer have to feel the bonds of the sex industry, but can experience the redemptive power of forgiveness and love through this ministry!


Here are the links if you want to shop my mom’s look!

Odyssey Bag

Grace Earrings

Pure Love Bracelet

Halo Necklace

Freedom Necklace



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  1. Your mom’s sweater DOES perfectly match that Odyssey Bag! How fun for your mom to be so enthusiastic about the things you care about also. Love your photos!

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