Our Christian Summer Playlist

For the past couple months we were catching ourselves listening to a lot of music that didn’t necessarily have the best messages. (That is, when we’re not listening to the Spanish radio) We were looking for really good music that also had really good lyrics, preferably Christian. There’s no way we’re going to stop listening to music, so finding some alternative tunes was a must. As one of my friends was just saying to me the other day, having God-honoring, uplifting words in our head would be a lot better than the ones we were singing. Let’s be honest, a lot of the Christian music out there is really cheesy, really outdated (in our opinion, don’t kill us), or a little too slow & somber sometimes. Don’t get us wrong… we still like a lot of the “classic” Christian music. I tend to use Youtube to listen to music, and since it autoplays it goes on to another song. I like this feature as it helps me find new music! I usually listen to Indie/Alternative music (some of my favs are Bombay Bicycle Club, Lord Huron, M83, El Ten Eleven, The Drums, Explosions in the Sky, Hooray for Earth, OneRepublic, Two Door Cinema Club…), but we were starting to listen to the Popular stuff on the Top 40 Hits Pandora station. We were looking for new stuff and stumbled upon Summer Chill Mixes that we liked, but the lyrics still weren’t that good. We searched for “Christian Summer Chill Mix” and came across this one, and it was a good start! Through that one we found some songs we liked and eventually found The Good Christian Music Blog. They have a spotify account as well, but they have the songs separated in playlists on Youtube. THIS is the channel we want to brag on. Their music is exactly what we were looking for! It has the perfect mix of Indie/EDM/Pop music. I also love the aesthetic of the entire channel, and a lot of the artists are up and coming people you haven’t heard of. They’re all SO good, I’m sure they’ll be discovered and we’ll start hearing them on the radio some time soon. Honestly, some of the songs are so good you wonder why they’re not playing on the regular radio! There are definitely some close “dupes” to popular artists we all know. Here is a list of some of our favorites that we will be jamming out to this summer:

P.S. Since we’re planning to move to Florida in September, we will have an ENDLESS SUMMER. Sometimes I have to pinch myself, but it’s a nice reminder on chilly days like Friday was (60 degrees is cold to us!).

What’s on your summer playlist? Let us know if you added any of these songs to it!

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