Trades of Hope Hostess Rewards: FREE Fair Trade Goodies!

Have you had your eye on some Trades of Hope pieces and wish there was a way to get your hands on everything on your wish list? Want to make a HUGE difference in the world and encourage your friends and family to do the same? There is a way and… it’s easier than you think!

When you work with Trades of Hope Compassionate Entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to be a hostess of your own “Empowerment Party” (or whatever you want to call it!). What does that mean exactly? Simply put, any order that you make, (and any of your friends, family, acquaintances, co-workers etc.) all go towards your unique Trades of Hope link and turn into hostess rewards!

Trades of Hope is empowering women out of the sex trade, sweatshops, slums and extreme poverty. By hosting a party, you are partnering with women around the world so that they can provide for their families and create a more hopeful future!

  • Create change in the lives of women all over the world.
  • Help educate girls and women for financial independence.
  • Be a part of long term, sustainable change for future generations.
  • Earn hostess rewards for our ethically produced fashion accessories and home decor.

What Are Trades of Hope Hostess Rewards?

Hostess rewards equal free and discounted Trades of Hope products. It’s that simple! When you contact me (or find me in my FB group) to create a unique party link, you receive your very own personalized Trades of Hope website link to share and begin collecting orders. As each order comes in, it gets applied to your online party link and your hostess rewards will start stacking up. (P.S.-All orders are shipped straight to your guests right away!)

  • What if you could host a party that helped a trafficking survivor heal? … (You can!)

Reasons to Host a Trades of Hope Party: 

  • Host a party to provide job skills training, education, and trauma counseling to a trafficking survivor in the U.S.
  • Host a party to help a trafficking survivor experience healing and hope.

Why Your Party Matters:

According to the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline… 

  • There were 11,500 reported cases of human trafficking in the U.S. in 2019.
  • 81% of these cases involved female victims.
  • 23% involved victims who were minors.
  • In April of 2020, the U.S. experienced a 40% rise in reported human trafficking cases.
  • Human trafficking is on the rise. 

… That’s why Trades of Hope is continuing to rise up against human trafficking in new and innovative ways. 

 What your party provides to a trafficking survivor in the U.S.:

  • CAREER COUNSELING – Help her recognize her uniqueness, skills, interests, and values, so she can explore career choices that will help her thrive.
  • EDUCATION -Equip her with access to accredited courses that can help her land her dream job.
  • HOLISTIC CARE – Help her heal from the trauma she’s experienced by providing her with resources and care for her whole person – mind, body, and spirit.
  • SUPPORT GROUPS – Support her by supporting local peer groups where she can connect and grow with other survivors on her journey of healing.

How Do I Receive Hostess Rewards?

As each order rolls in, your hostess rewards will be unlocked. To unlock hostess rewards you need a minimum of 3 seperate orders, totaling $150 in sales. You have time to accumulate orders and the more time and more orders mean more hostess rewards! (and yes, it could be all orders from you if you would like! Who doesn’t love earning free stuff while they shop?!)

What Can I Buy With Trades of Hope Hostess Rewards?

Once your hostess rewards are unlocked, you can use the hostess reward balance for anything on the Trades of Hope website. Gift sets, Sale Items, or even your kit if you want to sign-up, whatever it is, it’s yours!

Depending on your total sale amount and parties booked off of your party, you also will have 1/2 off items! You will also have access to an exclusive product for FREE if you reach a certain level in sales! Along with that, you will be providing life-changing items to families around the world, which varies every few months! Want to know what this month’s incentive is? Send me an email or FB message and I’ll share the details with you! You can also check out the current hostess incentives here.

Here’s a breakdown of the rewards, my average hostess gets over $25 in rewards easily!

Do I have to participate in an in-home or Facebook party for Trades of Hope Hostess Rewards?

Traditionally, the answer is yes, however, I am one of the few consultants who help hostesses qualify for rewards without having an in-home or Facebook party. One unique way is on Instagram if that’s where you and your friends like to hang out! Send me an email or FB message and we can go into detail about how this works and the best ways for you to get to unlocking your hostess rewards.

I LOVE Receiving Trades of Hope Hostess Rewards….what’s next?

If you love the idea of sharing your love of Trades of Hope and receiving free Fair Trade products in return, I highly suggest taking a peek at my post about the benefits of being a Trades of Hope Compassionate Entrepreneur (coming soon)!  Not only are you able to accrue hostess rewards for yourself, you will earn commission on any order that comes in. GUESS WHAT!? You can even use your hostess rewards to purchase a kit! Woohoo for starting your fair trade business for FREE! Not to mention the exclusive freebies you get at Trades of Hope events & for earning incentives!

If you love earning things for free and want a little bang for your buck, consider being a hostess of your own Trades of Hope party and earn everything on your wish list!



Trades of Hope Hostess Rewards

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