Weekend Wandering: Belleville

We headed up to Belleville, NY this weekend, which is where Luke’s extended family lives. We were able to attend one of his cousin’s graduation party, and take some senior photos of her brother! This is probably one of the last trips we will be making up there before we make the big move South. Here are some pics of our weekend.

We met Luke’s family at Cracker Barrel on the way up. Luke got a campfire meal!

Luke saw this bag in the gift shop and we totally agree.


There’s a town called Mexico that’s close to Belleville…. I wish we were going to the real place!

We stopped and got ice cream at this little barn place… it’s called Country Belle Farms… it’s a cute place!

Saturday was graduation party day! Luke and his bro are always throwing a football around.

Thought this was an adorable moment of Luke’s little cousins.

If Luke had a dollar for every Star Wars joke….


Spent the afternoon grabbing a couple senior photos of Luke’s cousin!


We headed out for a small breakfast at Dunkin’ before church on Sunday. We drove home Saturday night because I had a friend driving through that I wanted to meet up with!

We used the rest of our Sunday to chill and go do some window shopping/pricing on paint and flooring for the camper… SO excited that the painting and flooring will be happening very soon!

Luke is measuring the camper around 240 sq. ft.

Okay, that’s it! Thanks for tuning in to our weekend! See you Wednesday for another camper update!

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