5 Reasons Why We Started a Blog + More About Us

If you’re reading this, you may have noticed that we’ve started a blog! Some of you may be wondering why we decided to start a blog, so we thought our first post might be a good one to share why.

1. We don’t like to stay put.

– If you know us, you know that we don’t like to stay in one place for very long. If it’s been a few months since our last trip, we start to get antsy. (My cousin likes to call this feeling “gypsy feet”– I don’t object to this adorable phrase) We love sharing photos and stories with others from our adventures, so why not have a permanent home for all of those things. We hope that others can enjoy reading about and seeing all of our adventures on this blog, and maybe even be inspired to do more travelling themselves. We also recently purchased a camper and plan to take it on the road to move south. We will be documenting our renovation journey, and our experience with moving, so this is also a great place to keep all of that. If you want to see some of the places we have in mind for our future travels, check out our Bucket List.

2. We’re good writers.

-Being recent college grads, we have done A LOT of writing in the past 4 years. At the moment, we’re still in a college recovery stage, so not completely sure if we LOVE writing, but based on our grades and comments by professors, we’re good at it. 🙂 My college major was Teaching English as a Second Language, so grammar, proofreading, editing, etc. is kinda my thing (yes, I’m a grammar nerd). Luke really isn’t sure how much writing he’s going to want to do (college kinda ruined it for him), but every time I read his college papers I was blown away with how good they were. (Fun Fact: He thought about going into Journalism in high school, and even interned at a local newspaper). I can’t wait to see what kind of articles he puts together for us in the future!

3. Blogging is awesome.

-and something we can do together. We’re slightly addicted to Pinterest, and are always learning new things from the blogs we find on there. We’ve always thought that people with blogs had to be super successful and live amazing lives or people who already love to journal and have a lot of time on their hands. Once we started seriously researching it a couple months ago, we learned that not all bloggers are alike (and many of them are just average people like us!). Actually, the more we researched the more we learned that blogging sounds like something that was right up our alley.  We also realized how much we like sharing our lives with others on social media after joining an amazing network marketing company. We’re hoping that years from now we can look back on our blog and reminisce on the adventures we embark on. (Shoutout to my mom for suggesting we start a blog about a year and a half ago!)

4. We’ve learned a lot from our experiences so far.

– Okay, so we’re young and dumb, but we feel like we’ve done a lot and learned a lot in our lives. We got married in college, we’ve done a lot of travelling together, we DIY’d our wedding, we’re currently renovating a camper, we’ve learned about entrepreneurship, and more (all to be shared on the blog!). We figure we’ve done and learned enough to share with others. We’ve also learned that it’s not easy to live a life that’s against the grain. Many people can’t fathom why we would want to take the risks we do, not have “normal” jobs/housing, and do something different than everyone else. Daring to be different makes our hearts beat faster– not just because it scares us, but because it excites us.

5. We want to inspire other people our age and those who don’t want to live a monotonous life

– We’re always looking for other blogs written by like-minded people and people we could form friendships with that have some of the same crazy ideas we do. We don’t want to live an “average” life, where we stay in our hometowns, work 9-5 jobs we hate, be drowning in stuff we don’t need, chained to debt, never able to travel. We want to have a life that’s full of adventures, opportunities to spend our time helping others, and, hopefully, not full of regret when we’re older. Although it’s super cheesy, I definitely use the phrase “YOLO” way too much. Not as an excuse to do stupid things, but as a reminder that yes, life is short. Our goal is to not let fear hold us back from doing things outside of our comfort zones. Take the chance, do the thing!

We would love for you to stick around and follow us through our adventures as we live in Pursuit of Palms (Palm Trees mean beach/sun/warmth…we <3 all three!). Subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media if you would like to keep up with us!

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