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I’ve recently learned of Let’s Curate, a brand that is showcasing Artisan’s handmade goods from all around the world, but also ensuring they receive a fair wage for their work! They currently work in 18 countries with over 27 artisans. They are helping artisans focus on their work, without having to focus on the business part. It is helping cultures keep their art alive, as many times, artists aren’t able to make a living off of their work and have to give up their art & get traditional jobs.

I had the privilege of interviewing their founder, Meghana, on the podcast! She launched this brand because of her love for travel & the art she finds along the way. As people asked her, “where did you get that piece?” she noticed there was a lack of presence online for people to support the artisans & purchase their pieces for themselves.

She also shared one of her favorite artisan stories on the podcast, head here to listen to the entire episode, it’s SO. GOOD.

Here are a few pieces I have picked out on their website that are my favorites! If you would like to purchase any of these pieces, be sure to use my discount code KINDRED10 for 10% off your order!

My Top 5 Picks from Let’s Curate:

1. Upcycled Red Silk Clutch- Made in India

2. Crescent Cuties- Made in USA

3. Hand-Painted Turtle- Made in India

4. Bunny Terrarium Necklace- Made in Estonia

5. Marigold Statement Necklace- Made in the UK

6. Handpainted Teapots- Made in Pakistan

Shop my Picks- Use code KINDRED10 for 10% off!

Which are your top picks?

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