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The Trades of Hope Fall 2020 Collection is available now!

The Fall 2020 Style Board, Renaissance of Thought, reminds us it is our responsibility to renew the way we think of the world, championing diversity, and looking out for each other. 

As the events of 2020 have impacted lives all around the world, many our Trades of Hope Artisan partners have been impacted as well. During lockdowns, access to workshops and materials has been a challenge for some. Shipping has been impacted in several  regions. 

While the COVID-19 pandemic has limited the number of pieces we typically include in our Fall 2020 Collection, it was very important to us to continue providing work for available Artisans during this pandemic. Our Product Development team has worked hand-in-hand with community leaders to provide jobs while coming up with 8 of the season’s best sustainable designs that are sure to carry you into 2021.

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I’ll share some of my favorite pieces from a few of the most popular categories, and you can check out the rest and SHOP on the website!


Take a look at the digital version of the Fall Style Board here(click HERE to shop):



My Fav. Trades of Hope Fall 2020 Earrings

Aura Earrings $26

Our Capiz Shell earrings are so light & unique! These are a creamy tone so they match with everything, & are comfy for everyday wear!

Handcrafted by women in the Philippines, like Emelyn.

Emelyn’s Story of Hope:

After financial struggles forced Emelyn and her siblings to drop out of school during her first year of college, Emelyn went to work at a fast-food restaurant. At the restaurant, she met the granddaughter of a local businesswoman who taught women how to make jewelry and art from capiz shells. Amazed by the Artisans’ creativity, Emelyn eagerly learned each step of the production process. Now, this twenty-four-year-old is able to support her parents, send her younger brother back to school, and buy land to build her family a home. She even co-manages the workshop’s entire capiz production process, along with the owner’s granddaughter! 

How They’re Made:



Zanmi Earrings $38

Zanmi means “friend” in Haitian Creole. I absolutely love all of the tassel earrings we get from Haiti! I had the pleasure of meeting this artisan group in Haiti in 2018 & they are so very talented.

These are Handcrafted in Haiti by women like Ismaella.

Ismaella, in her own words: 

“In Haiti, life is difficult. In an unorganized society, men often don’t respect women, and fathers often do not take responsibility for their children. Women have to become strong to survive and to support their children. 

 We are a small community of strong women. We share good and bad times, and because we spend so much time together, we have become a second family. The opportunity to earn money allows us to become better than we could have imagined. We can go farther, and we can understand that we have potential for great things. We can take care of ourselves and our families.” 

How they’re made:


My Fav Trades of Hope Fall 2020 Bracelet

Bijou Bracelet $22

This totally unique Bijou Bracelet is handcrafted in Haiti, where Trades of Hope’s mission to “help mamas keep their babies” began! Each stretch-to-fit bracelet is made from hand-rolled cereal box beads, natural sodalite stone beads, steel beads, hand-painted Haitian clay beads, and heart-shaped antiqued-silver-finish metal charm.  

Handcrafted in Haiti by women like Makensia.

Makensia’s Story of Hope:

Surrounded by the tropical beauty of Haiti, Makensia is also surrounded by extreme poverty. But neither poverty, nor the death of a child, nor domestic abuse have defined her. She has persevered through many challenging seasons and continues to pursue good things for her family.

While many mothers in her village have been forced to make the heartbreaking decision to give up their children to poverty orphanages to save them from starvation, this mother of five has been able to earn enough income to keep her family together by hand rolling beads and making jewelry from discarded cereal boxes. Your purchase helps Makensia continue to keep her family together. 



My Fav. Trades of Hope 2020 Necklace & Bracelet Combo

Amara Necklace $38 & Tourmaline Bracelet $42

These two pieces aren’t officially sold as a set, but they go perfectly together! I love the simplicity & tones in this bracelet, and the beads are ethically sourced Tourmaline that is smoothed by hand by the artisans. The necklace has a genuine Labradorite stone!

Handcrafted in India by men like Dulal. (working alongside Artisan women, too!) 

Dulal’s Story of Hope, in his own words:

When I was 19 years old, I wasn’t interested in further studies. My life was just sad. I was not aware of my abilities and was just in search of some work. I was depressed due to economic conditions. Then my friend introduced me to this work. My previous boss used to treat me very badly. Now, I enjoy my work! It’s helping my family and me. I’m capable enough to fulfill my needs, and I’m making all types of handmade jewelry. So overall, it’s a big achievement for me! I’m happy to be an Artisan. I have hope for a good life in the future! 

How They’re Made:



My Fav. Trades of Hope Fall 2020 Bag

Everyday Crossbody $118

Who doesn’t love a classic black leather crossbody?! This bag is the little sister to my current favorite, the Rabia Bag. The quality is amazing. I’ve never owned a designer handbag, but I feel this bag must be right on par quality-wise, & the price is amazing for being a fair trade bag.

Handcrafted in India by women like Rafiqan.

Rafiqan’s Story of Hope:

Rafiqan lives near Jaipur, a city renowned for its legendary artisanal workshops. Extreme poverty in many of the surrounding villages often results in the exploitation of vulnerable Artisans – especially women – in sweatshops with unsafe workspaces, unreasonable hours, and unfair wages. Committed to empowering Artisans, this workshop trained Rafiqan in the art of leather crafting. She began as a materials cutter and can now make an entire bag – from start to finish – by herself! Now Rafiqan is able to earn a living wage in a safe clean workspace. Your purchase helps Rafiqan earn enough income to provide for her family’s needs and send her children to school. 

Purchase this piece and empower a woman in India!



My Fav. Trades of Hope Fall 2020 Ring

Topaz Ring $38

Love it when Trades of Hope gives us more rings! I used to wear so many rings as a teen, but I calmed down after getting engaged. Looking forward to getting back into wearing more rings with this one!

This sparkling topaz and smoky quartz ring is inspired and created in India by a community of Artisans who intentionally support vulnerable women and families in areas of extreme poverty. A stunning “cat’s eye” shaped genuine topaz stone is set in a golden frame that wraps around to a petite smoky quartz accent stone.

 Handcrafted in India by women like Indu.

Indu’s Story of Hope, in her own words:

“I learned how to make jewelry in this workshop. Before I became an Artisan, I couldn’t pay my children’s school or college fees, and I never dreamed of having my own house! I needed money to look after my family and was fortunate to hear about a local community who taught women to become Artisans. 

I have two daughters and a son. My husband passed away last year. Without my work as an Artisan, I would not be able to take care of my family. Today, I’m proud to say that my children are being educated and I have my own house!” 

How It’s Made:



My Fav. Trades of Hope Spring 2020 Scarf

Rita Scarf $28

Last but not least, MY ABSOLUTE FAV from this launch, the Rita Scarf! The colors in this scarf are so elegant & lovely. I SWOON when we release larger scarves like this, because they are so versatile! One of my fav. ways to wear this scarf, especially because I live in Florida, is tied into a flowy Kimono/vest.

How It’s Made (this process FASCINATES me, the amount of detail & time that goes into each scarf is crazy!):



Which piece (or pieces) are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!





Trades of Hope Fall 2020 Collection is here! Read all about the Trades of Hope Fall Collection for 2020! Click for details on how to purchase these gorgeous Fair Trade & Ethical jewelry, accessories, and apparel pieces! #fairtrade #ethical #tradesofhope #fall

Trades of Hope Fall 2020 Collection is here! Read all about the Trades of Hope Fall Collection for 2020! Click for details on how to purchase these gorgeous Fair Trade & Ethical jewelry, accessories, and apparel pieces! #fairtrade #ethical #tradesofhope #fall

Trades of Hope Fall 2020 Collection is here! Read all about the Trades of Hope Fall Collection for 2020! Click for details on how to purchase these gorgeous Fair Trade & Ethical jewelry, accessories, and apparel pieces! #fairtrade #ethical #tradesofhope #fall

Trades of Hope Fall 2020 Collection is here! Read all about the Trades of Hope Fall Collection for 2020! Click for details on how to purchase these gorgeous Fair Trade & Ethical jewelry, accessories, and apparel pieces! #fairtrade #ethical #tradesofhope #fall

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