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It’s November, friends! That means that it’s time to start thinking about the Holidays! I don’t know about you, but Christmas music has been playing nonstop in our house since November 1st. We haven’t decorated yet, but I have a strong feeling we will be getting the box out very soon! We will definitely be posting some photos on our Instagram and maybe even writing up a blog post of our cute little tiny house once we’ve got it all decorated, stay tuned for that!

If you’re thinking about adding some Ethical, Fair Trade, and Sustainable decor and gifts to your Christmas arsenal this year, look no further! I’m going to share 14 adorable Christmas decor items that you’re going to love!

UPDATE 11/28: Almost ALL of these items are 50-60% OFF until 12/16 or until supplies last!

Peruvian Nativity Set

Let’s start with my favorite because… why not! Isn’t this set SO ADORABLE!? I love how the Llamas/Alpacas show the culture of where it was made (Peru)!

A set of 4 pieces, this nativity scene is made of terracotta clay and hand-painted with hues of blue, gold, white, and orange.

In Peru, rural citizens have been affected by extreme poverty and guerrilla warfare. Women are affected the worst as their husbands generally leave them in search of work. Many are unable to get the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing. But the women we partner with are able to rise out of this! They make an income, receive healthcare, educational supplies, and can now provide for their own families. You are changing their lives and empowering them toward a bright future!

Purchase the Peruvian Nativity Set and empower a woman in Peru!

Snowy Ornament Set

This collection of ornaments from India is great for the Christmas tree or for home décor. Add them to wreaths, garlands, or as the finishing touch to your holiday gifts. This trio includes two snowflakes and a bird attached with a silver ribbon for easy hanging.

The poverty cycle in India continues primarily because of the lack of education. Most schools are not free or affordable. Therefore, many children never learn to read or write and grow up with limited opportunities. However, every purchase of this product empowers women to provide for their children and send them to school! You have the opportunity to end poverty and create an impact for generations to come!

Purchase the Snowy Ornament Set and empower a woman in India! 

Golden Bethel Star

This iron star is coated in a vintage gold color to bring joy and celebration into any home.

Another GORGEOUS piece, this star is quite large (10 1/2″ x 13″ ) so it would definitely impress being on top of your tree, or even set on a table with a Christmas arrangement. You really can’t grasp the beauty of this piece until you see it in person!

Purchase the Golden Bethel Star and empower women in India!

Winter Woodland Duo

I love cute things, so these little guys make my heart melt!! This cute little deer and snowman winter inspired duo are handcrafted from felt and are each adorned with a cozy hand-knit scarf.

In many areas of Nepal, women are not considered equal to men and are vulnerable to sex trafficking. But the women making this product are earning an income and learning entrepreneurship, giving them confidence to break social norms! With every purchase, these women are provided with education, seminars on health, nutrition and also on women’s rights. Your purchase will create change for generations of women to come!

Purchase this duo and empower a woman in Nepal! 

Peace Ornaments

A set of 7, these dove-shaped ornaments are made out of cotton paper and hand-painted with a shining gold-hue. Delicate and sweet, these ornaments make the perfect gift.

In rural areas of Bangladesh, disadvantaged women don’t have a lot of job opportunities. By purchasing this product, you are partnering with over 1,500 artisans to offer them job training, safe working conditions, healthcare, and education for their children. This allows families to stay together in their villages rather than seeking work in big cities. Your purchase will empower women in Bangladesh!

Purchase the Peace Ornaments and empower a woman in Bangladesh! 

Sari Star Garland

Upcycled sari fabric is hand sewn into colorful stars and accented with painted wooden beads. Hang on a door, tree, or wall these stars will brighten up your holidays. Each pattern varies.

I just purchased this Garland and I can’t wait to hang it up in my house for Christmas! It might even stay up year-round to add an eclectic touch and a pop of color.

Purchase the Sari Star Garland and empower women in Bangladesh!

Nativity Advent Calendar

Create a more meaningful countdown with inspirational ideas you can tuck into each hand sewn pocket of this Velcro nativity scene.

The women we partner with in India do so much more than just create beautiful products. With every purchase, another woman is empowered out of poverty to be self-reliant! Women have the opportunity to earn an income, attend financial management classes, and receive education and healthcare. These women are now able to give their family a promising future because of your purchase!

Purchase the Nativity Advent Calendar and empower a woman in India! 

Heavenly Host Ornaments

We all have someone we know who has a love for all things angels. A set of 3, these angel-shaped ornaments are golden plated and made out of local capiz shell.

In the Philippines, finding employment as a woman in poverty can be extremely difficult. Poor working conditions, lack of job security, and unfair pay are often the realities. Through your purchase, these women are receiving an income, health care, and social development programs. This allows these women to realize their potential and pursue their dreams in a safe environment. You have the opportunity to change lives!

Purchase the Heavenly Host Ornaments and empower a woman in the Philippines!

Angelic Choir Ornaments

Bring a bright and festive flare to your tree with this set of four glittering ornaments which have hand-dyed grass fiber dresses.

Purchase the Angelic Choir Ornaments and empower a woman in Philippines! 

Nativity Ornament Set

A set of 9, these ornaments are made from upcycled steel from Haiti’s oil drums and feature beads rolled from upcycled cereal boxes.

Haiti had this century’s worst natural disaster and is home to almost 500,000 orphans. The majority of the orphans have not been orphaned by parental deaths or natural disasters, but by parents who gave them up simply because they could not feed them. The group we work with is an “un-orphanage” and is helping with the orphan crisis by providing parents with sustainable business through creating products.

Purchase the Nativity Ornament Set and empower a woman in Haiti

Noel Trio

This trio inspired by vintage glass ornaments is handmade with Haitian clay and glazed with metallic gold and white. These will make a great holiday decoration or gift!

Purchase the Noel Trio and empower a woman in Haiti!

Rejoice Ornament Set

Decorate your tree this year with this set of three gold sequined ornaments to make your holidays bright. Not only a sparkly addition to your holiday decor, these hand beaded ornaments will also come with an empowering story.

Sweatshops in India work employees 12-14 hours a day. Through this artisan group they are given the ability to work from home, allowing them to spend time with their families and make fair wages. They are being trained to own their own business, so that they can provide for their family!

Purchase the Rejoice Ornament Set and empower a woman in India!

Believe Reindeer

Our adorable reindeer makes a festive and durable addition to any porch or above a mantel! Wonderful for the holidays and all winter long. This decor piece is a work of art made in India that will add a welcoming touch to any home.

Purchase the Believe Reindeer and empower a woman in India! 

Angelic Cards

These would be perfect to go along with the fair trade gifts you buy for your friends and family for Christmas! A set of 4, these greeting cards’ paper is made from water-hyacinth petals and cotton, a beautiful flower native to our artisans’ region.

Purchase the Angelic Cards and empower a woman in Bangladesh!

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Trades of Hope Holiday 2018 Collection is here! Read all about the Trades of Hope Holiday Collection for 2018 and the limited time money-saving bundle! Click for details on how to purchase these gorgeous Fair Trade & Ethical Christmas Decorations for yourself!
Trades of Hope Holiday 2018 Collection is here! Read all about the Trades of Hope Holiday Collection for 2018 and the limited time money-saving bundle! Click for details on how to purchase these gorgeous Fair Trade & Ethical Christmas Decorations for yourself!
Trades of Hope Holiday 2018 Collection is here! Read all about the Trades of Hope Holiday Collection for 2018 and the limited time money-saving bundle! Click for details on how to purchase these gorgeous Fair Trade & Ethical Christmas Decorations for yourself!

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