Fair Trade…Sunday! In the Smoky Mountains

Hey friends! It’s Fair Trade… Sunday! Since I’m so excited about my upcoming trip to Haiti (April 21-26), I decided it was time to get some more Trades of Hope posts on the blog! Here’s a throwback to some photos we took while in the Smoky Mountains in January. Here I’m wearing the captivating wrap, which is technically a bracelet, as a headband! It’s super comfortable and matches pretty much everything since it has silver, gold, and copper metal beads. It is made by empowered artisans in Thailand. Shop the Captivating Wrap here.

This artisan group’s primary focus is on restoring and empowering the strength of women in Thailand, as artists and designers. This group is proud to work with a beautiful array of diversity, from the Karen Hill tribe to the Thai people, to the Hmong women in the mountains. One group of people they partner with is a group of women in a small town hours from a nearby city. The only viable job opportunity in the town is typically farming. Farming is hard on the women, and so many women end up moving to the cities to find work and send money home. This, unfortunately, creates a separation of the mother from her children and family. We are so proud that this group is dedicated to helping mothers stay in their hometown and find work, giving them the ability to stay with their families and take care of their children.


I’m wearing the Nabina Scarf here, and it’s actually rare to see me wearing it as a scarf. I usually have it tied into a flowy vest/kimono, which is my favorite way to wear it! It also goes with so many things because it has shades of pink, silver, grey, brown and white. It is handmade in Nepal, and you can shop here for it.

The future for the rural women in Nepal is far from promising. The majority of these overworked women are uneducated and underprivileged. They sorely lack self-confidence due to the attitudes of many in their society who do not consider them equal with men. This fair trade group is empowering women as they teach about entrepreneurship, health, training, and changing the attitudes of these marvelous women. These women gain a sense of worth by becoming self-reliant through creating these products.

I also decided to layer my May Lee Necklace with this scarf, which I got for Christmas and ABSOLUTELY love. I took some photos of my cousin Arrow in it around Christmas and I will be posting a blog post soon to share those with you all! I love the crystals in the necklace, especially since they make each necklace unique. This necklace is made by women in Asia who have been empowered out of the sex trade, so aren’t able to reveal their exact location. Shop the May Lee Necklace here.

In rural Asia where many women earn little more than a dollar a day, women often fall prey to sex trafficking while trying to support their families. This artisan group is changing lives by rescuing women out of the brothels in Asia and providing them with healthy work and rehabilitation in a supportive environment. They are given holistic care which gives each woman the opportunity for vocational training, healthcare, shelter, counseling, as well as education grants for the women and their children. Through their community outreach programs, they have provided a path for hope and restoration that empowers these women towards a joyful future.


In the photo above you can see how I’m *trying* to showcase the Free Spirit Earrings I’m wearing. These were brand new in our Spring 2017 line and I’m OBSESSED with them (not just because I’m a free spirit myself)! They are genuine leather, and are made in Nepal! Shop the Free Spirit Earrings here.

In Nepal, most women are not considered equal to men in society. This leads to a lack of confidence, privilege and education. However, with Trades of Hope, these women are gaining a sense of worth by becoming strong and self-reliant by creating beautiful products.

Last but not least I’m also sporting my Odyssey bag, which you’ve seen me share a lot! It is my favorite bag and I carry it almost every time I go out. It is made by empowered artisans in India and it’s WELL worth the money. Shop the Odyssey Bag here.

This artisan group creates these beautiful handmade products which has empowered them to become self reliant and economically independent. These artisans were once working in the mainstream market and experienced unfair wages and exploitation, but through this group they are now paid a fair wage which is changing their lives. Through their work they can now pay for food, education and other expenses to make a better life for themselves and for their families. It is our hope that through the production of these products these Artisans will break free from poverty and continue to gain confidence and dignity by being a part of this group.



Here’s a list of all the products I’m wearing so you can shop!




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