Camper Chronicles Part 8- Back Wall & Ceiling

It’s time for another Camper Chronicles! We’re almost done with this series, actually! This part highlights the LAST of the extreme repairs that needed to be done to the camper due to water damage. The next post will be all about beautifying it! Luke is going to write this post since he was the one working on it.

I used Foam Board Insulation on the back wall because it was cheaper and easier than fiberglass insulation, and I was dealing with less of a gap than usual to fill in.

I had to leave some spaces open for the wires coming through for the brake lights.

Speaking from experience, be sure your measurement are accurate. It was so annoying to keep having to bring pieces in and out of the back room to remeasure and recut them. This was another problem brought on by the rebuilding of the back wall, since the sides weren’t the same length. I had to cut the piece on an angle, which kept throwing my measurements off.

I did fiberglass insulation for the ceiling since I had the extra space.

Luke’s brother came to help hold the ceiling up so he could screw the Luan board up. It was too hard for just two people to do, so we needed the extra hands. One more set would have helped even more but we managed!

The ceiling had rotted out so much in the corner where it met with the existing ceiling that I had to create makeshift pieces of wood to have something strong enough to screw the Luan board to.

Here you can see the tight space I was working in to get this piece to fit.

I used caulk on the seams and screw holes as best as I could. It isn’t perfect but it works! The hardest part of the camper repair is finally finished! Now it’s time to start where most other camper renovation projects we saw on Pinterest and Instagram start!

Stay tuned for our next installment of the Camper Chronicles!

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