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TOH 101

There’s SO much learning to do about the products, artisans, & history of Trades of Hope. This is the great news: You don’t need to know it all to get started! That’s why you have an amazing Director and Sponsor that will help you while you’re learning the ropes. You are the expert to your customers and that’s all that matters. You’re lucky to have a tribe behind-the-scenes supporting you! Here are some fast facts about Trades of Hope and you can dive deeper as you grow your business.

  • Trades of Hope is based in Bunnel, FL
  • Trades of Hope was started in 2010
  • We were started by 2 mother daughter teams: Gretchen & Elisabeth
    and Holly & Chelsie
  • We currently have artisan groups in 19 countries!

One of the best resources to learn about the products is the catalog. Flipping through the catalog and reading the descriptions of the products is a fantastic way to learn. Browse your website & hope central to learn more about the products & artisan stories. We also have a FREE app with a training module built-in! I’ve linked it below for both Android & Apple phones/tablets.

Watch this quick video to learn:

  • An example of an elevator speech when someone asks about Trades of Hope
  • What makes Trades of Hope unique from other companies

Tawny’s Tip: Share your favorite products & artisan stories. Customers will hear how much you love them and will add those products to their wish list first.

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